The Hum and the Shiver (Tufa Novels)

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The Hum and the Shiver (Tufa Novels)

Close Send. Bledsoe turns standard urban fantasy tropes on their head by reimagining modern elves as a tiny, isolated ethnic group unsure of their own origins, like the Lemkos of Poland or the Melungeons of the southern Appalachians. The plot is a bit thin, but the slowly unfolding mystery of the Tufa is a fascinating and absorbing masterpiece of world-building.

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Strong characters and an interesting story line. I recommend for light reading.

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My only disappointment was the lack of depth and richness in the "songs". Maybe a collaboration with a poet would make the songs what they should be. This book really touched my heart. Ever so often, a book will touch the soul. This one was like that.

It was a rare treasure to find. Whatever it was, I could feel it in my bones. The natural beauty of the mountains here and the unexplainable sense I have always felt from nature and being outdoors in the summer have always been something I could just feel. The author brings this alive in his words.

  • The Hum and the Shiver (Tufa Novels) by Alex Bledsoe.
  • The hum and the shiver (Tufa books) | Reader's advisory and random musings..
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  • The Hum and The Shiver by Bledsoe, Alex.

He is so amazing in his gift of being able to capture that. This is a true masterpiece. Customer Reviews See All. The Sword-Edged Blonde. Burn Me Deadly.