Hybrid Optimization: The Ten Years of CPAIOR

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Naveh, D. Gresh, and D. Naveh, Y. Altshuler, D. Naveh, M. Rimon, I. Jaeger, Y.

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Katz, M. Vinov, E. Marcus, and G. Bin, R. Emek, G. Shurek, and A. Ziv Boni, F.

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Fournier, N. Mashkif, Y. Naveh, A. Sela, U. Shani, Z. Lando, A.

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    Panos M. Synthesis of Embedded Software. Jean-Pierre Talpin. Helena Handschuh. Victor Chapela. Clark Barrett. Roopak Sinha. Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation. Ahmed Bouajjani. Real and Convex Analysis.

    Hybrid Optimization

    Robert J Vanderbei. Foundations and Practice of Security. Nadia Tawbi. Models, Algorithms, and Technologies for Network Analysis. Valery A. Networked Systems.

    Toward unification of exact and heuristic optimization methods - Semantic Scholar

    Amr El Abbadi. Conquering Complexity. Mike Hinchey. Peter G. Theory and Principled Methods for the Design of Metaheuristics. Yossi Borenstein. Data Mining and Constraint Programming. Christian Bessiere. This volume focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence and constraint programming to solve problems in operations research and combinatorial optimization. This volume collects the contributions of experts from various research areas including decision theory, systems engineering, propositional satisfiability, mathematical optimization, and artificial intelligence.

    These invited scholars describe and demonstrate some of the most important topics and results from the last ten years of research related to hybrid optimization. Key Features: - Includes both well established research results, and directions for future research.

    Hybrid Optimization can serve as a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers and practitioners studying artificial intelligence or operations research who are interested in investigating or applying constraint programming techniques. Powered by Koha.