Equilibrium Theory in Infinite Dimensional Spaces

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Density matrix unitary transformation

Journal of Mathematical Economics 49 1 , , Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 1 , , Journal of Mathematical Economics 74, , Articles 1—17 Show more. Help Privacy Terms. On the core and Walrasian expectations equilibrium in infinite dimensional commodity spaces A Bhowmik, J Cao Economic Theory 53 3 , , Blocking efficiency in an economy with asymmetric information A Bhowmik, J Cao Journal of Mathematical Economics 48 6 , , Robust efficiency in mixed economies with asymmetric information A Bhowmik, J Cao Journal of Mathematical Economics 49 1 , , Core and coalitional fairness: the case of information sharing rules A Bhowmik Economic Theory 60 3 , , Ex-post core, fine core and rational expectations equilibrium allocations A Bhowmik, J Cao Journal of Mathematical Economics 74, , Edgeworth equilibria: separable and non-separable commodity spaces A Bhowmik.

Oil droplets in aqueous surfactant solutions flatten into a host of polyhedral and polygonal shapes on slow cooling. These intriguing transformations promise novel synthesis methods for small polymeric particles. This paper reveals an intermediate octahedral stage that explain how icosahedral droplets flatten into polygonal platelets. The decrease of the spin susceptibility below a doping-dependent temperature is a signature of the problem of the pseudogap in cuprate superconductors.

This paper proposes that the pseudogap is a finite-doping extension of the Mott transition where near-neighbor singlet correlations play a crucial role and propose several experimental tests to check on this prediction. This paper combines the concept of bound states in the continuum with engineering of epsilon-near-zero substrates to boost multi-frequency and multi-step cascaded nonlinear processes at the nanoscale.

High-order nonlinear processes such as four-wave mixing, third- and fifth-harmonic generation in all-dielectric subwavelength resonators are shown to be enhanced in comparison with the state-of-the-art results. The authors develop a theoretical model of meta-atoms which can be arbitrarily modulated in time and show how to realize a non-scattering regime of a single meta-atom which stores all the incident energy in its near fields.

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In this paper, the authors experimentally demonstrate ultra-low noise storage of single-photon-level light in cold atoms by exploring the exceptional robustness of the Autler-Townes-splitting memory protocol to various noise processes and decoherence in the regime of high-speed operation. This paper uncovers a bulk probing method to catch physical effects hindered in topological non-Hermitian crystals. The method is based on Lyapunov exponent calculation of a quantum walker on the lattice and can reveal non-Bloch phase transitions, the non-Hermitian skin effect and breakdown of the bulk-boundary correspondence.

This paper studies the magnetoresistance of FeSe1-xSx as a function of sulfur doping, which goes through a quantum critical point characterized by electron nematicity. The experiments show a coexistence of a quadratic and a linear form of the magneto-resistance. These findings suggest that the low-lying electronic excitations in a quantum critical metal may have dual character, one that is coherent and one that is quantum critical. Uniform random rotations map a point on the sphere uniformly to any other point.

In two dimensions, repeating the same rotation twice results again in a uniform distribution.

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However, such double rotations in three dimensions result in an asymmetric distribution of the image. By deconstructing this operation, the authors show an intuitive explanation for this asymmetry and why it decays with increasing dimension, disappearing again in infinite dimensions. This paper shows that the dynamics of two-band systems can be characterized by Hopf maps, where the winding numbers are cast as linking numbers. This finding opens the doors towards both the investigation of Hopf insulators in experiments with ultracold atoms in driven optical lattices and the measurement of Floquet topological invariants via the observation of post quench-dynamics.

This papers shows that origami can be used as a versatile scaffold to construct 2D and 3D Bravais lattices, and continuously transform them between different symmetric configurations via folding. This paper studies the influence of temporal variations of the topological charge density.

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The authors focus on how this chiral anomaly manifest itself more dominantly through the boundary conditions and show this in two optics examples. By using independent types of traps with heavy-tailed waiting times, this paper shed light on the transition between diffusive regimes, as characterized by different exponents in the mean squared displacement at short and long times. The authors show that this can be further utilized to engineer the asymptotic behavior of the mean squared displacement by changing the properties of the traps.

This paper extends the theory of the intrinsic or anomalous quantum Hall effect to three-dimensional deformed crystalline topological insulators using geometric tetrad fields related to elastic deformations. The three-dimensional Hall effect implies mixed elastic-electromagnetic quantum anomalies that are reminiscent of axial-gravitational anomalies of relativistic quantum field theory for gapped fermions.

Nested self-similar structures are frequently found in nature. This work shows how to choose microscopic rules of competition so that this kind of dynamics results by construction. Hierarchies in time scales emerge that lead to an iterated modulation of fast oscillations via slower ones, while hierarchies in spatial scales show up as nested spirals on a grid. Recent Issues Vol. Category ALL. Open Access Featured in Physics 1. Article Type ALL. Subject ALL. Condensed Matter Physics Quantum Physics Magnetism 8.

Statistical Physics 8. Soft Matter 7. Topological Insulators 7. Complex Systems 6. Materials Science 5. Nonlinear Dynamics 5. Optics 5. Superconductivity 5. Atomic and Molecular Physics 4. Biological Physics 4.

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Chemical Physics 4. Mechanics 4. Quantum Information 4. Particles and Fields 3. Photonics 3.

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Strongly Correlated Materials 3. Astrophysics 2. Gravitation 2.

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