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76297 - Higher Analysis 1

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Course Outline Course Outline. Notes Departmental approval needed To complete course assignments, students are required to access Analyst Notebook in DTC when the lab is available after class. For details on the course material required, please check: bcitbookstore.

Level 1: Engineering Data Analysis

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Assessment: First term: weekly assignments 7. Content : At the beginning of the nineteenth century the familiar tools of calculus, differentiation and integration, began to run into problems. Mathematicians were unsure of how to apply these tools to sums of infinitely many functions.

The origins of Analysis lie in their attempt to formalize the ideas of calculus purely in the the language of arithmetic and to resolve these problems. You will study ideas of the mathematicians Cauchy, Dirichlet, Weierstrass, Bolzano, D'Alembert, Riemann and others, concerning sequences and series in term one, continuity and differentiability in term two and integration in term one of your second year.

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How can you add up infinitely many numbers, or infinitely many functions? In pricing production of recently developed complex equipment, the contracting officer should perform a trend analysis of basic labor and materials, even in periods of relative price stability. A Actual costs previously incurred by the same offeror;.

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B Previous cost estimates from the offeror or from other offerors for the same or similar items;. D Independent Government cost estimates by technical personnel; and. E Forecasts of planned expenditures. If there are such data, the contracting officer shall attempt to obtain and use them in the negotiations or make satisfactory allowance for the incomplete data.


The probable cost shall be used for purposes of evaluation to determine the best value. Results of the analysis may be used in performance risk assessments and responsibility determinations. However, proposals shall be evaluated using the criteria in the solicitation, and the offered prices shall not be adjusted as a result of the analysis.

Introduction to Math Analysis (Lecture 1): The Need for Real Numbers

Any method of distributing costs to line items that distorts the unit prices shall not be used. For example, distributing costs equally among line items is not acceptable except when there is little or no variation in base cost.

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Such information shall be used to determine whether the intrinsic value of an item has been distorted through application of overhead and whether such items should be considered for breakout. The contracting officer should require such information in all other negotiated contracts when appropriate. Unbalanced pricing exists when, despite an acceptable total evaluated price, the price of one or more line items is significantly over or understated as indicated by the application of cost or price analysis techniques.

The greatest risks associated with unbalanced pricing occur when-.